Innovating Surgical Visualization with Wearable 3D Monitors


Keeping the surgical site right in front of your eyes:

  • High resolution video
  • Natural 3D and 2D with depth cues and 
  • Lightweight (250g) with excellent ergonomics
  • Medical grade 

Maintaining situational awareness

  • Open design for situational awareness and peripheral vision 
  • Visual connection to O.R. team at all times
  • LookDown™ on surgical site and instruments
  • Upwards tilting for unobstructed viewing

Projected Launch  in Q1/2024: HMDmd’s Wearable Surgical Monitor CR3

The images shown are of our production Wearable Surgical Monitor (CR3) which is projected to ship in Q1/24. Production-equivalent units for evaluation purposes are already available.

CR3 is a wearable video monitor with twin high-resolution microdisplays which provide excellent 3D and 2D video images.


The user’s view is the equivalent of watching a 50 inch conventional monitor at a distance of 6 feet.


Key ergonomic point is a weight of 9ozs (250 g), distributed such that the center of gravity is right in the center of the head.

Important features for the surgeon-user are LookDownTM: Simply looking down, without significant head movement, provides the user with a clear view of his/her hands, instrument exchanges, the patient and the immediate surroundings in the OR.

Restoring the line of sight to the twin microdisplays, the view of the anatomy and/or data is in exactly the same relationship to the eyes as it was before looking down.)

Also, the user has peripheral vision at all times, a critical feature in maintaining situational awareness through long procedures. Detailed technical specifications are available on request.