Initial Production Units Available For Evaluation To Corporate Partners

September 2023 – HMDmd has completed its initial, limited pre-production run and is making units available for evaluation with corporate customers and at upcoming trade shows. We are projecting the commercial launch in early 2024.

HMDmd and Kopin: A Powerful Partnership for State-of-the-Art Surgical Visualization

December 8, 2021 by Chris Chinnock (Insight Media) – According to a recent press release, start-up HMDmd is announcing the availability of their Development and Evaluation Kits (DEK21) – a pre-clinical prototype wearable display designed specifically for use in surgical and interventional medicine applications. Dubbed a “combined reality” headset, the unit presents high-resolution 3D video view of the real-time surgical anatomy plus relevant case information while also providing a look-down and peripheral vision capability critical for situational awareness.

A pair of goggles with a pair of red lenses

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